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Outback Signs hit job number 123456 :)29-Mar-2015

We recieved this very cool email today and just wanted to share it with everyone - many thanks B..

Apprenticeship for Certificate III Signage Course 13-Aug-2014

If you're needing some great news about the future of the sign industry we would like you to ce..

Visual Impact Sydney 2014 - Seminar - Sign Management in Tough Times12-Aug-2014

A slowing economy doesn’t mean you have to stop growing! As a business it is best to g..

Visual Impact Sydney 2014 - Seminar - Sign Quoting is Winning Jobs a Mystery or a Myth12-Aug-2014

Complimenting the article in this months VI magazine, this session puts forward thought provokin..

Welcome to KiM Sign & Print Quoting Software

Knowledge and Information Management (KiM) software allows you to capture your sales leads, develop quick and detailed quotes, create job sheets, WIP and production reports, allows tracking of jobs, times, costs and clients.  KiM aims to increase profitability throughout every process of your business, enabling you to increase productivity, management control and potentially increase bottom line profits.  KiM is easy to use and operates across both Windows and Mac operating systems simultaneously.  As expandable management software, KiM will cater for single users to multi-site operations.

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